Traditional French recipes with a modern touch

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Delicious and tasty, made with fresh and quality ingredients

Our fresh products are hand-prepared by pastry chef Nawel with natural ingredients, no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Original flavors, seasonal products

We have a passion for harmonizing flavors and textures to bring out the natural goodness of our ingredients. Our commitment to using seasonal fruits in our pastries means that our menu changes slightly with every passing season. We hope that you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed creating them. For us, it's all about sharing.

Less sugar, more flavors!

At Nawel's, we want you to enjoy a modern style of pastry, less sweet and with more flavors. Sugar is a key ingredient in pastry, however, we work hard on lowering the amount of sugar in our products, to allow the flavor to take center stage. We have been developing recipes that contain the least possible amount of sugar. We also include the use of unrefined sugars in our recipes, such as organic coconut sugar and honey, to make our pastries healthier.